Van Gogh

I learned a lot about Vincent Van Gogh from this link.  The GIFs made from this TED talk are my favorite part of the article. The small animations do a great job not only depicting Van Gogh through his life, but as a homage to the artists’ unique style. The pictures are a nice touch to a simple page that, without the GIFs, might be a little underwhelming article about Vincent Van Gogh.

Using simple GIFs is a great way of delivering information to an audience. Although the article did not make me want to further explore the life of Van Gogh, it did make me think about the power of simple visuals combined with short descriptive text. I believe the way we consume information is changing and this page is a great example. Most people want information delivered as quick and simple as possible, leaving the door open for further discovery if wanted.

Although Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime, he is one of the most well regarded artists ever. I imagine that his troubled story inspired and continues to inspire undiscovered artists. Although I don’t consider myself an artist, I still draw inspiration from Van Gogh and his work.